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20 February 2024

107 School recently announced its interactive mobile applications have been published to the iTunes Store and to the Google Play Store, and are available on iOS and Android.

Look for 107 School ToGo on either mobile app store.

The apps are free to install, and you can get a free trial of the course material by signing up for the Free Trial on the website.


The full course can travel with you, and the application is excellent, seamless, and available now.  You can download them for free from their respective mobile stores.

Becoming a Part 107 operator is essential if you want to fly a small unmanned aircraft in furtherance of a business, their course will teach you the material you will need to know in order to pass the exam.

107 School is an online aviation education content provider with a brand new FAA part 107 knowledge exam preparation course.  The FAA knowledge exam is proctored and administered by PSI Exams.

Found online at www.107school.com, their course launched with more than 140 full HD videos, interactive quizzing, Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Applications for offline viewing of the video lessons from anywhere, so your learning fits your life.  It provides a strong education of the rules of flying drones in the national airspace and thorough knowledge exam preparation.

The learning system was designed to build community interaction to improve the course over time. 

The students who study at 107 School are essential to its health and success.  They built the school with a student first mind set, because student success is key to school success.

In order to pass the FAA knowledge exam, you will need to score 70 percent or better on your knowledge exam.  That will not be a problem after working through their online course. 

It’s designed to be engaging by keeping the videos brief, and they promise to respond to your feedback to make future iterations even better.  Each lesson concludes with an opportunity for learners through the course to provide suggestions for future improvements.

Their biggest goal was to build an educational community that helps lift each other up while providing exceptional value.

If you are not a remote pilot, you may wonder, if the test is hard?  Yes and no.

It is challenging, but easy enough to pass with study.  There is a good amount of subject matter expertise needed in order to pass.  It’s not rocket science, but the subject matter takes some time to learn and master.

Since graduates are going to fly in the national airspace, it’s important for them to know how to navigate the publications and rules that remote pilot’s in command will need to follow. 

Since flying a drone is a legally regulated activity, it’s important to do everything you can to stay on the right side of the laws and “fly legal.”

With FAA test prices getting so costly, they kept their price low because we are introducing a brand new product from a new provider, and want to build our community.

There is so much knowledge you will need in order to pass the exam, and fly safely.

Unmanned pilots must master airspace, weather theory, weather publication decoding, and tons of regulations about what you can and can not do with an unmanned aircraft.  It’s important to not only know the regulations, but to follow them and fly safely.  Since we are fortunate to have access to such wonderful technology, we need to be good stewards of the trust placed in us.  As professionals, part 107 operators also need to set a good example for recreational flyers.

In addition to test prep, their course also helps prepare our graduates to act as professional crew members and work as a remote pilot in command, or other crew roles once they pass their FAA exam.

107 School course is available for a low price of $107 for all of 2024, and is offering a promo code discount during our launch for the first customers through the course. Use promo code 107launch for a $30 discount, code good  until March 30, 2024.

One of our best characteristics is agility and adaptability.  We are a lean fast moving company because we are not a large, established group. We are experienced at creating online aviation educational material, and offer a thorough product.  It’s just a brand new one, built in a new way.

Their course is offered as an annual subscription, and most graduates will need less than a month to complete the course.  Devoting two weeks to daily study is the best way to approach the course.  Taking notes, and looking through supplemental reading are also helpful.

All of our videos are written by a human being in their entirety, and we never trust generative predictive chat bots to write course material for us, and never will. 

Our chief instructor produced the very first video course about Part 107, and was one of the very first applicants to pass the exam.  He is an FAA certified advanced ground instructor, and active remote pilot who flies real estate photography missions on a regular basis.  He holds a master’s degree in mass communication and was the director of video production for an aviation education company for the last decade.  And taught at the college level for the decade prior to that.

Launching these apps gives 107 school learners the flexibility of taking their school materials with them anywhere.  The apps provide the entire experience of the LMS offline, with interactive video, videos, quizzing, and testing anywhere in the world.

Though their website only went live six weeks ago, 107 School has completely refreshed their website layout, and now it includes access to their affiliate program. 

Interested affiliates can apply directly on the website at www.107school.com and clicking on the affiliate partner button on the top bar to register and start earning a 20% commission, on sales and any future sales.  See the website for all terms and conditions.

107 School is also able to offer multiple B2B multi seats sales options, please email them at instructor@107school.com to establish a structure that works for your organization.

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Check out the 107 School company directory here: https://www.thedroningcompany.com/company/107-school-llc

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