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12 April 2024

107 School LLC, a cutting edge provider of Part 107 knowledge test training, is thrilled to announce its partnership with native Alaskan TV star Ariel Tweto for the launch of an exciting new Part 107 test prep course

Best known for her role in the reality show Flying Wild Alaska about her family's Alaskan airline, Tweto brings her passion for aviation, STEM education, and empowering the next generation to the forefront of this collaboration.

As the demand for certified drone operators continues to rise in the United States, the need for comprehensive and accessible Part 107 training has never been greater. With her extensive background in aviation and her dedication to education, Ariel Tweto is the perfect ambassador for 107 School's mission to provide top-notch training for aspiring drone pilots.

"Ariel Tweto's commitment to aviation and education aligns perfectly with our vision at 107 School," said Karolina Ellis, CEO of 107 School LLC. 

"We are thrilled to have her on board to help us create a dynamic and engaging Part 107 test prep course that will inspire and empower students to pursue careers in drone piloting.  She was incredible to work with, and it was enjoyable to hear her present the course material.”

The new course, featuring Ariel Tweto as the star instructor, will combine her expertise and passion with 107 School's proven curriculum to provide students with a comprehensive and effective learning experience. From mastering the regulations and safety protocols to developing practical flying skills, the course covers all aspects of preparing for the Part 107 knowledge exam.

"I am incredibly excited to be working with 107 School to help educate the next generation of drone pilots," said Ariel Tweto. "Drones represent an exciting frontier in aviation, and I am passionate about sharing my experience to help others embark on their aviation journey.”

Ariel Tweto's involvement underscores 107 School's commitment to excellence and innovation in drone education. By leveraging Tweto's expertise and charisma, the course aims to inspire a new generation of drone enthusiasts and professionals.

Tweto took time from her busy schedule to film an entire Part 107 test prep course with 107 School in Florida, as it aligned with her dreams to help others achieve success.

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About 107 School LLC

107 School LLC is a leading provider of Part 107 knowledge test training, dedicated to preparing aspiring drone pilots for success in the rapidly growing industry. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and accessibility, 107 School offers comprehensive courses designed to empower students to achieve their goals.  Our course is available via the 107 School ToGo Apps on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store to allow offline viewing.

About Ariel Tweto

Ariel Tweto is a native Alaskan TV star best known for her role in the reality show "Flying Wild Alaska" about her family's Alaskan airline. With a passion for aviation, STEM education, and empowering the next generation, Tweto is committed to inspiring others to pursue their dreams in the world of flight.  She was born in Unalakleet, Alaska in 1987, and is an amazing athlete and world traveller. 

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