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02 May 2024

Aspiring aviators and others who want careers in aviation now have a comprehensive introduction to aviation careers with the publication of Launching Your Aviation Career, authored by Meg Godlewski, a certificated flight instructor with decades of experience, who is an acclaimed aviation journalist.

With over two decades of experience in aviation and journalism, Godlewski brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this introduction into the many different career paths that aviation offers.

Her accolades include recognition as a Gold Seal Instructor by the FAA, as well as being honored as a Master instructor by both NAFI and SAFE.  In her book, Godlewski provides insight into many career opportunities within aviation, and illuminates the diverse pathways available to those with a passion for aviation.

“At 107 School, we believe that flying small remotely piloted aircraft serves as the ideal entry point into the world of aviation,” says 107 School co-founder Karolina Ellis.  “Our Part 107 course was meant to be an introduction to the publications and processes of dealing with the FAA. We asked Godlewski to share her expertise, and help share information that can help others find success in their lives.  It’s a mission she shares with 107 School.”

The book is a roadmap for individuals considering a career in aviation. It offers guidance on the training process to become a pilot. There are so many crucial roles in different sectors of aviation, that many people may not consider.

It’s also a valuable resource for anyone considering transitioning to a new career from another. Everyone thinks of pilot jobs foremost, but there are needs for many skill sets in aviation. 

“I was blessed to work with Meg Godlewski previously when she was my Chief Technical Writer, and she is amazing. She is my first call about anything to do with teaching aeronautical knowledge, I trust her implicitly and value her opinion foremost,” said 107 School’s chief instructor, John Ellis.

“This book is an excellent introduction to anyone looking for a great career. We are very excited to publish this ebook and share it with everyone for free,” Ellis said.

107 School was founded with the belief that earning a Part 107 and remotely piloting small aircraft is a logical starting point for an aviation career, especially for early career learners. Studying for the Part 107 knowledge exam touches on a good amount of aeronautical knowledge that is foundational, and leads logically into studying for a private pilot certificate.

Godlewski lays out the milestones from that first step to many different careers, and gives an outstanding introduction to the world of aviation.

To download: visit https://www.107school.com/launchcareer and enter your email address to download immediately.

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