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06 September 2023

Draganfly has ushered in a new era of flight endurance and operational efficiency with the launch of its new Commander 3 XL Hybrid Drone. This UAV promises to reshape the landscape of drone operations across diverse industries.

This hybrid version integrates Draganfly’s most versatile and weather-resistant airframe, the Commander 3 XL. It takes some core capabilities and upgrades them to new heights by incorporating an industry-leading hybrid powertrain, the Draganfuel Ignite 70cc.

The Commander 3 XL Hybrid addressed the market demands and the constantly growing range of drone applications by offering exceptional versatility and extended flight endurance. This drone allows users to fly a 4kg (8.8 lb) payload for over 3 hours, obtainable through the Draganfuel Ignite 70cc hybrid power plant. This unique fuel injection mechanism combines the advantages of gasoline or heavy fuels, delivering an impressive 4,000W of hybrid power.

Another standout feature of the Commander 3 XL Hybrid is its liquid-cooled engine, designed to ensure optimal performance across various altitudes, engine loads, and temperatures. This cutting-edge engineering provides outstanding power output and class-leading fuel efficiency, positioning the Commander 3 XL Hybrid as a new solution for many applications.

  • Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance: The liquid-cooled engine's adaptable performance makes the Commander 3 XL Hybrid an ideal choice for long-duration aerial surveillance missions, providing consistent power and efficiency at different altitudes.
  • Search and Rescue Operations: With its ability to perform optimally under varying engine loads and temperatures, the Commander 3 XL Hybrid can excel in search and rescue missions, where rapid response and reliable performance are crucial.
  • Environmental Monitoring: The versatility of the liquid-cooled engine allows the Commander 3 XL Hybrid to navigate through diverse environments while maintaining fuel efficiency, making it suitable for tasks like monitoring wildlife, forests, and marine ecosystems.
  • Precision Agriculture: Agricultural applications can benefit from the Commander 3 XL Hybrid's power output and fuel efficiency, enhancing tasks such as crop monitoring, mapping, and pesticide spraying.
  • Infrastructure Inspection: The hybrid's performance stability makes it an excellent choice for inspecting critical infrastructure, such as power lines, pipelines, and bridges, even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Emergency Medical Transport: The Commander 3 XL Hybrid's reliable power delivery and efficient operation could aid in emergency medical transport, ensuring timely and safe patient transfers.
  • Disaster Assessment and Management: Rapid deployment and consistent performance under varying conditions equip the Commander 3 XL Hybrid for disaster assessment and management tasks, helping gather crucial information in disaster-stricken areas.
  • Wildlife Conservation: When conducting wildlife surveys and conservation efforts, the Commander 3 XL Hybrid's adaptable powertrain can provide extended flight times and minimize disturbances to sensitive habitats.
  • Infrastructure Surveying: Surveying large-scale infrastructure projects, such as highways and railways, can benefit from the Commander 3 XL Hybrid's efficiency and endurance, streamlining data collection.

Integrating the hybrid powertrain also addresses challenges in drone operations. The Commander 3 XL Hybrid's powertrain eliminates remote charging and battery transportation, eliminating the burdens of logistical complexities. The drone offers multiple configurations for radio equipment, including point-to-point and cellular links, further extending its operational range and capabilities.

As industries progress, the demand for advanced technology also increases. The Commander 3 XL Hybrid signifies an advancement in flight endurance and the efficiency and possibilities of drone operations. With a flight endurance exceeding 3 hours and a payload capacity of 4kg, this hybrid UAV will be a significant player in environmental monitoring and precision agriculture to search and rescue missions.

In an industry that thrives on innovation, Draganfly has once again positioned itself as a frontrunner, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in drone technology.

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